28 April Clubnight: What would you put in a Freedom Manifesto?

MC_CN_Freedom.jpgOld political issues, from the economy to foreign policy, have lost their fire: these are no longer the trenches that divide political life.

Yet a new political dividing line is growing: between those who support or oppose freedom in practice. Pro- and anti-freedom perspectives cut across party lines. All parties include individuals who stand up for individual and social liberties, including:

    – free speech;
    – freedom to organise political demonstrations;
    – freedom to raise and educate our children in the way we see fit;
    – freedom to drink or smoke in public space;
    – freedom from the overwhelming power of the state – CCTV cameras, ID cards, detention without trial.

We have invited activists from different points on the political spectrum to discuss the challenges for freedom today – and to suggest what they would put in their Freedom Manifesto. Do we need a new freedom alliance?

Speakers: Guy Herbert (No2ID), Henry Porter (Observer columnist and civil liberties campaigner), James Panton (Manifesto Club), Alex Deane (Big Brother Watch), Rowenna Davis (features writer, The Guardian).

When: Wednesday 28 April, 7.30pm;
Where: Function room @ The Slug and Lettuce, 5 Lisle Street, Leicester Square, WC2H 7BG
Cost: Free for Manifesto Club members; £5 non-members. (Join the Manifesto Club.)

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