CPNs: Do you need help?

Have you received an unjust CPN? Do you need help?

We are partnering with the Freedom Law Clinic to provide legal support for people who have received a Community Protection Notice.

Qualifying solicitors will work with CPN recipients to provide legal support, such as advice on appeal process, writing court testimonies, or submitting informal appeals to the council. Their work will be overseen by solicitor and Freedom Law Clinic director Luke Gittos.

Qualifying solicitors will also prepare case reports of historic CPNs, documenting events and the legal process, and providing support where necessary.

At the same time, the Manifesto Club will work with CPN recipients to put the policy case for the reform of CPNs. We are preparing a briefing document, ‘Why CPNs Need Reform’, which will draw on the experiences of CPN recipients to show the unjust nature of this blank-cheque power.

We hope to change the law so that people do not have to suffer these injustices in the future.

If you have received an unjust CPN, and would like help, or would like your case to be used in our policy work to change the law, please get in touch with Josie Appleton on josie.appleton@manifestoclub.com