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Josie Appleton is quoted in the news story CRB checks ‘not a failsafe’ for children, Big Issue in the North, 18-28 December 2008

The Manifesto Club’s EU Phrasebook is cited in Why Europe’s gift-wrapped elite just won’t take no for an answer, by Steven King, Irish Examiner, 10 December 2008

The Manifesto Club’s Brussels meeting is mentioned in Le Soir, 10 December 2008, by speaker Christopher Bickerton

The Manifesto Club’s Brussels meeting was discussed on the blogs Nose Monkey’s EUtopia, the Telegraph, and the MEP Roger Helmer

James Panton debated vetting with the chief of the Independent Safeguarding Authority on CityTalk FM (Liverpool) on 11 December 2008

Josie Appleton is quoted in the news story Middle-class wine drinkers targeted in ‘mean-spirited’ campaign by church and police, Telegraph, 20 November 2008

Josie Appleton is quoted in the news story 13,000 people wrongly branded criminals, Telegraph, 12 November 2008

James Panton is quoted arguing against the extradition of a Holocaust denier from the UK to Germany in Holocaust key to extradition case, BBC News, 3 October 2008

The Manifesto Club’s report, ‘Against booze bans and the hyperregulation of public space’, is discussed in Uncommon ground: prioritizing profit can undermine civic interaction, by Benjamin Tallis, The Prague Post, 24 September 2008

James Panton argued against George Monbiot on the Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio 2 (Monday 8 September), on the latest idea to come out of the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – that we should all go veggie for one day each week to cut back greenhouse gas emissions from meat production. Listen to the item as MP3 (Right click to download)

DPPOs come under fire from campaigning network, Alcohol Policy UK, 1 September 2008

Don’t demonise young drinkers, by Josie Appleton, Independent, 27 August 2008

Raising a glass to public spiritedness, by Dolan Cummings, spiked, 26 August 2008

Get the kids back in the pub, by Josie Appleton, The First Post, 26 August 2008

Beer against Boris, Londonist, 26 August 2008

The Manifesto Club’s Provocation Picnic to launch the report, ‘Against booze bans and the hyperregulation of public space’ was reported on BBC London television news, 25 August 2008.

James Panton discussed the report on BBC Radio London’s ‘Breakfast Show’, Monday 25 August 2008.

Also, the Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio 2, Monday 25 August 2008 – ‘Listen Again’ (Monday) item runs 1.07:00 – 1.15:50.

Also, the Richard Bacon Show, BBC Radio 5Live – ‘Listen Again’ (Monday) item runs 1:50:00 – 1.55.51

Also, the Duncan Barkes Show, CityTalk 105.9 – item at 9.20am

Picnic to protest over booze bans, BBC News, Monday 25 August 2008

James Panton discussed booze bans on the Richard Evans Show, BBC Radio Wales, 22 August 2008. Right click to download MP3.

Park party plan to protest over booze bans, Guardian, 21 August 2008

Drinking restricted in 613 public places in England and Wales, Daily Telegraph, 19 August 2008

Against all booze bans, by Josie Appleton, spiked, Tuesday 19 August 2008

James Panton was on the Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio 2, on Monday 18 August 2008, discussing the suggestion that Gary Glitter should be put under a travel ban, on his return to the UK after serving a sentence for child sex offences in Vietnam. Right click to download MP3.

Young people need role models who are tired and emotional (on the Manifesto Club’s campaign against booze bans), by Dolan Cummings, Telegraph ‘Ways and Means’ blog, Friday 15 August 2008

War on alcohol threatens individual freedom, Suzy Dean urges people to stand up against the gradual criminalisation of an entire generation, The Free Society, 13 August 2008

James Panton discussed the damaging effects on Criminal Records Bureau checks on BBC Radio Essex, 22 July 2008

James Panton discussed the Manifesto Club’s new ‘Manifesto for Competitive Sports in Schools’ on the Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio 2, 15 July 2008 MP3 clip.

If you can’t inspire them, bribe them, James Panton on proposals to offer rewards for voting, spiked, 14 July 2008

Bill Durodie discussed suggestions that Western governments should hold talks with al-Qaeda, on Press TV, 10 July 2008.

Josie Appleton was quoted in the news story, Hundreds of innocent people ‘wrongly branded criminals’, by CRB checks, Daily Telegraph, 5 July 2008

James Panton was on the Jeremy Vine Show, discussing the news that the hotel heiress Leona Helmsley has left $8 billion in her will to animal charities, BBC Radio 2, 3 July 2008.

Suzy Dean discussed the English smoking ban one year on, and its corrosive effect on public space, on the BBC’s Newsnight, 1 July 2008.

James Panton was a guest on the Bill Heine show, BBC Radio Oxford, discussing the expanding role of unfounded and unproven allegations in barring adults from working with children, on 1 July 2008.

James Panton is quoted on ‘green fatigue’ in Newsweek, 7-14 July 2008.

James Panton discussed current attitudes to child safety on the Richard Evans show, BBC Radio Wales, on 23 June 2008.

James Panton gave a sceptical take on ‘ethical consumerism’ on the Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio 2, on 23 June 2008.

Josie Appleton was quoted in the news article, Child protection rules could see youngsters banned from sport and hobby clubs, Daily Telegraph, 20 June 2008

Suzy Dean was a witness on BBC Radio 4’s The Moral Maze on Wednesday 4 June 2008, discussing young people and ‘booze culture’.

James Panton was a guest on Liverpool’s City Talk 105.9 discussing the Manifesto Club’s Celebrate the Freedom of Flight Campaign on Monday 9 June 2008.

Josie Appleton is quoted in A quarter of UK adults to go on child protection database, The Register, Wednesday 4 June 2008

James Panton argues against the introduction of new legislation to criminalize the possession of computer generated child pornography on The Jeremy Vine Show, 28 May, BBC Radio 2. Item begins 1 hour in.

‘You can’t care for kids unless you touch them’, Josie Appleton, on spiked, 13 May 2008

Fiddling with local government won’t restore trust, by Suzy Dean, OurKingdom, 21 May 2008

James Panton was a guest on The Jeremy Vine Show, BBC Radio Two on Thursday 10 April 2008 discussing the Manifesto Club’s new Campaign Against Vetting briefing document. Listen here. Discussion starts 30 minutes in.

The Manifesto Club’s ‘Case Against Vetting’ Briefing Document was reported in The Times, 10 April 2008: Vetting for restaurants and shops that hire children to work weekends

Why we need a humanist reformation, but Dolan Cummings, spiked, 5 March 2008

Government should persuade us to support the Lisbon treaty – not tell us it is none of our business, by Suzy Dean, OurKingdom, 4 March 2008

“Bill of Rights” will be used to prescribe behaviour, by Suzy Dean, OurKingdom, 21 February 2008

Fusion Now! was reviewed in Mute magazine, on 30 January 2008

James Panton argued against the confusion of academic education and vocational training in new plans to allow McDonald’s and other companies to award A-Level standard diplomas, on the Jeremy Vine show, BBC Radio 2, Monday 28 January 2008

Democracy is not child’s play Suzy Dean on plans to extend the UK vote to 16-year-olds, spiked, 16 January 2008

Down with Coercive Participation Suzy Dean on spurious attempts to engage the public in politics, spiked, 10 January 2008

Dolan Cummings criticised a series of UK pilot schemes using lie-detector technology to scrutinise housing benefit claimants on Radio France Info, 8 January 2008.

Why I’ve no appetite for the Fife Diet James Panton laments the parochialism of a campaign encouraging us to eat only locally produced food, spiked, 27 December 2007

Government by the people for the people? James Panton argues that there is nothing democratic about citizens’ juries, Policy Review, December 2007.

Fusion Now is reviewed in Phillips Art Expert, on 3 December 2007

Bill Durodie took part in a studio discussion, ‘Is the West delivering rough justice to Muslims?’ (video link) on The Agenda, Press TV (Iran), broadcast 3 December 2007.

Art’s bright ideas ignite debate (article about FUSION NOW), by Jonathan Jones, Guardian Arts Blog, 30 November 2007

James Panton was a guest on the Richard Bacon Show, BBC Radio Five Live, discussing whether films can change the world, Wednesday 29 November 2007

Josie Appleton and Munira Mirza were interviewed for ‘The People’s Plinth’, on Radio Four, 25 November 2007

Josie Appleton was quoted in Civil liberty groups take dim view of experiment that could go nationwide, Times Educational Supplement, 23 November 2007

Is modern art a left-wing conspiracy?, by Munira Mirza, spiked, 22 November 2007

Giving thanks to America this Thanksgiving, by James Panton, spiked, 20 November 2007

James Panton spoke to BBC London News about the planned third runway at Heathrow airport, Thursday 22 November.

Munira Mirza’s work on Islam and British identity is cited in the feature ‘Radical Islam in Europe’ by Sarah Glazer – which includes an article on the Manifesto Club’s Citizenship Pub Quiz Club Night – in the November 2007 issue of Global Researcher.

James Panton was a guest on the Simon Mayo Show, BBC Radio Five Live, discussing the relationship between music and politics, Wednesday 7 November 2007.

PR isn’t a solution to public disengagement, by Suzy Dean, OurKingdom, 31 October 2007

Caution: signs contain traces of nuts, by Josie Appleton, Sunday Telegraph, 28 October 2007

The Manifesto Club’s ‘Attention Please’ project was reported on BBC London News, on 25 October 2007

The pollution of public space, Penny Lewis in ‘Architecture Scotland’, 24 October 2007, on the Manifesto Club’s Attention Please photo project.

Why are the arts so white?, Sonya Dyer, author of the Manifesto Club report, Boxed In, Time Out (London), 17 October 2007

James Panton was a guest on ‘News Hour’, BBC World Service radio, discussing the 40th anniversary of Che Guevara’s death. Monday 10 October 2007.

Following on from our Citizenship Pub Quiz Club Night, Suzy Dean argues that Only a sense of vision can give real meaning to citizenship, Open Democracy’s Our Kingdom blog, 8 October 2007. See also Compulsory voting: the case against, 5 October, which provoked a response from Fiona MacTaggart MP.

Munira Mirza was on ‘Culture Clash’ discussing the British Museum’s Terracotta Army exhibition, on 18 Doughty Street, 2 October 2007

Q. How many of 100 Britons passed the citizenship exam? A. Not one, The Times, 29 September 2007

‘The Great British Citizenship Pub Quiz’, by Jon Bright on Open Democracy’s ‘Our Kingdom’ website, 28 September 2007

Munira Mirza is a contributor to Prospect magazine’s ‘In search of British Values’, October 2007.

Brendan O’Neill was a guest on CBC’s The Current (Canada), discussing Osama bin Laden (ten minutes into the file linked), 13 September 2007.

Brendan O’Neill discussed the British withdrawal from Basra on New York Public Radio’s On the Media, 14 September 2007

Brendan O’Neill published the Manifesto Club flying statement on Guardian Unlimited; and discussed the protests on BBC Radio Wales, 22 August 2007

The ‘Celebrate the freedom of flight’ campaign was reported in the Oxford Journal

The ‘Celebrate the freedom of flight’ campaign was reported on icWales, 22 August 2007

James Panton was a guest on BBC 2 Newsnight, and BBC World TV, on Monday 20 August, discussing the anti-flight protests at Heathrow and climate change.

Josie Appleton was on Newstalk radio, Ireland, on 13 August at midday, discussing the Manifesto Club’s vetting campaign.

Josie Appleton talks about environmentalism on TrueTube (see section, ‘One person can’t make a difference’)

All in the mind – Munira Mirza looks at mental health and institutional racism, Catalyst, 2 August 2007

Attentats de Londres et de Glasgow: pourquoi? by Bill Durodié, La Presse (Quebec – in French), 7 July 2007

Bill Durodié discussed the foiled terror attacks in London and Glasgow on China Radio International, 3 July 2007.

James Panton discussed the Live Earth concerts and the politics of climate change on the following programmes:

Sem Fronteiras, GloboNews, Brazil (Portuguese – JP in English at 7 minutes) – Thursday 5 July
– ‘World News Today’, BBC World TV, Friday 6 July
– ‘Breakfast’, BBC Television, Saturday 7 July
– Sky News, Saturday 7 July
– ‘Newshour’, BBC World Service Radio, Saturday 7 July
– ‘PM’, BBC Radio 4, Saturday 7 July
– BBC News 24, Saturday 7 July
– ‘World have your say’, BBC World Service Radio, Sunday 8 July

As Gore Concerts Loom, UK Greens Step Up Lobbying, CNS News, 5 July 2007

Rock to save the planet, then go and change your lightbulbs, by Henry Porter, Observer, 1 July 2007

Concerns about increased vetting of people in contact with children, a radio report on the Manifesto Club’s campaign against vetting, ‘You and Yours’, BBC Radio 4, 20 June 2007

The dislexia sceptik is onn to sumthing, by James Panton, spiked, 4 June 2007

Pop Goes Politics, by James Panton, The World Today, June 2007

James Panton was a guest on BBC TV’s Breakfast News and BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show on Tuesday 29 May to discuss claims by one leading education psychologist that dyslexia does not exist.

Positive discrimination patronises black artists, by Grayson Perry, The Times, 30 May 2007

Cultural diversity policies just hold black artists back, by Sonia Dyer, Guardian Arts Blog, 17 May 2007

Josie Appleton argued for the benefits of flying, against environmentalist moralism, on the BBC World Service, 9 May 2007 (audio clip)

Criminal Background Check Requirement in UK Criticized,, 19 April 2007

James Panton was a guest on Life Matters, ABC National Radio, Australia, discussing the Manifesto Club campaign against vetting, 16 April 2007.

James Panton was a guest on ‘Something Else’, BBC Radio Wales, discussing young people and violence, 16 April 2007.

Munira Mirza was on BBC Radio 4’s You and Yours discussing arts projects and urban regeneration, 11 April 2007

Child safety rules hit hobby clubs, The Times, 5 April 2007

Josie Appleton discussed the Manifesto Club’s hobby clubs report as a guest on Voxpolitics, on the internet TV channel 18 Doughty Street, 4 April 2007.

‘Child protection policy harms children’, by James Panton, Sunday Mail, 1 April 2007.

Criminal records checks harm adult-child relations, Big Issue, March 2007

This isn’t an Act of faith but paranoia, James Panton, Time Higher Education Supplement (subscribers only), 16 March 2007

James Panton was a witness on BBC Radio 4’s Moral Maze on Wednesday 15 March, discussing the rise of environmentalism and other new moral orthodoxies that cannot be questioned.

James Panton’s foreword to his co-edited collection Science vs Superstition: the case for a new scientific enlightenment has been reproduced in the New Zealand magazine, The Free Radical, March-April 2007.

Child safety will now be left to a computer, by Josie Appleton, Daily Telegraph, 4 March 2007

James Panton was a guest on BBC Radio 4’s The Learning Curve on Monday 12 February 2007 discussing the implications of the expansion of CRB checks and vetting in light of the Department for Education and Skills ‘Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment in Education’ which came into force in January 2007.

Tougher checks on teachers, Times Educational Supplement, 9 February 2007

Josie Appleton took part in a discussion on ‘have a go heroes’ on BBC Breakfast on Monday 5 February, arguing that we should encourage people who intervene when others need help in public places.

James Panton was a panellist on the BBC Heaven and Earth Show on Sunday 4 February, discussing gambling and ‘super casinos’, Muslims and British values, and the call to decriminalise polygamy in the United States.

Munira Mirza has co-written a report based on new research, Living Apart Together: British Muslims and the Paradox of Multiculturalism, published by the think tank Policy Exchange. She has written about the report and the media response to it on spiked, and discussed the report’s findings on Sky News, both 31 January 2007, with a further article on the Guardian’s Comment is Free blog, 2 February.

Bell-ringers are prime suspects, Mick Hume’s Notebook, The Times, 22 December 2006

Josie Appleton discussed the Christmas dossier on Radio National Breakfast (Australia), 22 December 2006 (begins 2 minutes into clip).

Making a list, checking it twice, by Tim Gill, Comment is Free, 21 December 2006

The war on Christmas goes global, Salon, 21 December 2006

St. Nixed: Store Santas Shunned Over Child Safety Fears,, 21 December 2006

The anti-vetting campaign’s Christmas dossier was featured on BBC2’s Newsnight, 20 December 2006.

Santas banned for elf and safety, Daily Telegraph, 16 December 2006

Father Christmas hit by ‘too many vetting procedures’, icWales, 16 December 2006

Safety clause slays Santa, Times Educational Supplement, 15 December 2006

Munira Mirza was a panellist on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Any Questions’, 15 December 2006

Diversity is divisive, Munira Mirza response to the New Generation Network’s manifesto on race relations, Comment is Free, 21 November 2006

Rotarians must be accompanied when doing duties with kids, Mail on Sunday, 18 November 2006

Munira Mirza defended free speech on the BBC Radio Four Moral Maze, 15 November 2006

Munira Mirza argued against calls for tighter laws against incitement to religious hatred on the BBC Politics Show, 14 November 2006

The ‘toxic wall’ around children, Sunday Times, 5 November 2006

It’s a crime what’s happening to volunteers
Josie Appleton, Sunday Telegraph, 29 October 2006

A crude Act that will poison young minds, by Brendan O’Neill, Catholic Herald, 29 October 2006.

The petition is mentioned in an article by Esther Rantzen, Crazy rules for overprotected kids, Sunday Times, 29 October 2006

The Manifesto Club vetting report is mentioned in Charles Moore’s column in the Spectator, 28 October 2006

The Manifesto Club vetting report is quoted in Tom Utley’s column in the Daily Mail, 27 October 2006

James Panton appeared on the first edition of ‘Claire Fox News – ideas behind the headlines’ to discuss the vetting campaign. 10pm, Thursday 28 October on the new online TV channel, (video link).

There is a critical response to Marcel Berlins’ Guardian column on the TES Media Blog, 27 October 2006. There is also a comment facility.

Heavy vetting, by Brendan O’Neill, Comment is free (Guardian), 25 October 2006 (with comments)

A law to vet volunteers who work with children will harm the very people it is designed to protect, by Marcel Berlins, Guardian, 25 October 2006 (with comments)

Josie Appleton and Johnny Ball were on the BBC Radio 4 PM programme, Monday 23 October, discussing the anti-vetting campaign. (Audio link – item begins at 00.37.44) (Viewer comments)

Johnny Ball attacks vetting plan, BBC News, 23 October 2006

‘Crazy law that robs children of their fun’, by Josie Appleton, Daily Express, 23 October 2006

There was an article on the report by Steve Downes, Eastern Daily Press, 23 October 2006

Letters to The Times, 20 October, in response to the campaign letter, including one from the NSPCC. Follow up letter, 21 October

Mary Ann Sieghart has written a piece endorsing The Case Against Vetting report in The Times, 19 October 2006: The Bill that will kill trust between the generations.

Claire Fox, director of the Institute of Ideas and a signatory of the Manifesto Club anti-vetting petition, was on BBC Breakfast, on 19 October 2006, talking about the campaign. A video clip is available on the BBC website, along with a comment thread.

Josie Appleton was on Radio Five Live Breakfast, on 16 October 2006, talking about the Manifesto Club campaign against vetting.

Transcript/audio file of an interview with Munira Mirza on ‘Multiculturalism under the spotlight’ on ABC Radio National, 11 October 2006.

Transcript and audio file of Bill Durodie on In Conversation on ABC Radio National, 28 September 2006, and a transcript of an interview on Lateline, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 11 August 2006, in both cases discussing democracy and terrorism.

Interview with Josie Appleton in Total Spec magazine, July 2006.

Interview with Munira Mirza in Total Spec magazine, April 2006.

Article on Frank Furedi published in the Australian, 25 March 2006.