PSPOs and CPNs fundraiser – call for support!

For the past four years, we have been at the forefront of the campaign against Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) and Community Protection Notices (CPNs).

We have fought PSPOs and CPNs up and down the country, working with skateboarders, homeless organisations, buskers, sheep commoners, and political protesters. We gained a change to the Statutory Guidance, which limits the use of these draconian powers. We produced the only national data exposing the ludicrous ways in which these powers have been used.

For the past four years, our PSPOs campaign has been generously supported by the Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust. On 1 August this funding will run out. If we cannot replace some of these funds, the campaign won’t be able to continue.

Over the next month we are trying to raise £10,000, to keep the campaign working at full pace to the end of 2019.

The battle against PSPOs and CPNs is not won. Councils are still publishing grossly unjust PSPOs, which penalise innocent activities, such as being homeless, busking, or protesting. Homeless people and others are still being issued with restrictive and unfair CPNs.

We also want to take the campaign one step forward: to achieve legislative change, and remove this dangerous legislation from the statute books once and for all.

Any support you are able to give – large or small – will help us keep up the fight against these draconian powers.

Click here to support our campaign against PSPOs and CPNs!