Petitions against the private litter police!

There are several long-standing and recent campaigns against the private litter police exposed on Panorama on 15 May.

Here are some petitions below, highlighting the abusive practices in different areas. Read and share, or start your own.


Stop the partnership between Kingdom and Ealing Council now‘ – a new petition to Ealing Council by Ealing Litter Prevention Team:

In light of the BBC Panorama programme aired Monday 15th May 2017, which has illustrated the clear failings of Kingdom and their questionable working practices, we are calling on Ealing Council to drop their partnership with the company. Whilst we agree that action must be taken to reduce littering and fly-tipping to ensure the environment in Ealing is kept clean, we are concerned that the practices exposed by the BBC Panorama programme are unacceptable and not should not be condoned by Ealing Council.



‘Terminate the employment of the private enforcement firm Kingdom Security’ – petition to Conwy Council by dog walker Caroline Costa:

Members of the public are being allegedly harassed, bullied and fined illegally. Employment of Kingdom is a money making scheme: their officers operate under a bonus incentive and therefore show no discretion or common sense when handing out fines e.g. A parent whose baby dropped a dummy out of the pram was fined for dropping litter. A woman who voluntarily picks up litter was fined for taking her dog off the lead whilst she placed the litter in the bin. Dog walkers are being fined illegally because the required signs of where they can and cannot walk their dogs are not in place. This sort of behaviour is intimidating residents and driving tourists away from Llandudno. Conwy Council should not have negotiated a further 6 month contract with Kingdom Security whilst acting illegally and needs to cease employment immediately.


The removal of Kingdom Security as acting as Environmental Enforcement In Rhyl & Prestatyn‘ – petition to Denbighsire Council by Mike Malone:

Kingdom Security are issuing fines without proof of guilt or evidence, these officers are unreasonable, aggressive and unlawful. In the UK we the public expect to be treated as Innocent until proven guilty by a court of law not condemned at the side of the road for nothing more than a firms financial gain and a single abuse of power. These officers use such tactics as: Stalking, Bullying, Verbal threats of Financial and Legal repercussions, Unlawful Detention, Harassment, Entrapment, Blatant lies with no evidence or proof, Impersonation of a Police Officer. We the People of Denbighsire demand that D.C.C remove Kingdom Security from acting as Environmental Enforcement with due haste as we do not accept Bullying in our community in any shape or form and such a blatent abuse of power and waste of our public resources.