Support the Manifesto Club

The Manifesto Club is at the forefront of challenging the hyper-regulation of public spaces and everyday life.

We produce cutting-edge research, change policy, and work at the front-line to defend those whose liberties have been affected.

We are the primary opposition to the new busybodies and the new draconian powers. We offer support to anyone targeted by illiberal powers, including buskers, dog walkers, homeless people, political protesters and photographers.

If you support what we do, and want it to continue and to grow, please consider supporting us.

It is only because of donations from members of the public that we can carry on campaigning for freedom, week in and week out. Quite simply, we couldn’t exist without them.

We have the biggest impact per buck of any campaigning group out there. We travel light, move quickly, and have very few overheads. All donations go to making an impact in campaigns on the ground.