Take action! – current PSPO consultations

Here are some current consultations on PSPOs proposing unreasonable restrictions on public spaces. Do respond – especially if you live in the area.

Blaby District Council is planning an order banning 10 to 17 year olds from standing in groups of four or more. See news coverage of the order; see the consultation. The PSPO would cover the whole of the village of Countesthorpe, including the high street, cricket club and village hall, except for parks (see PSPO zones). The council has thoughtfully exempted the local school from the ban on young people standing in groups, realising that this may make school life somewhat difficult. However, it would still be a criminal offence for a group of young people to congregate at any time in the vast majority of public areas – a ridiculous and highly unreasonable prohibition.

Colchester Council is proposing a ban on people entering an area in possession of roller skates, skateboards or scooters. The order would also prohibit open containers of alcohol and causing harassment, alarm or distress. See the consultation. (It appears that the consultation is being managed by the arms-length housing management organisation CBHomes).