Take action!

Take action

How to fight for freedom in everyday life. Discuss campaigning methods; share experience with other activists. Report freedom issues we should be campaigning on to our FreedomHotline.

Contact the Freedom Hotline
Contact us to report a new freedom issue, at freedomhotline@manifestoclub.com. We want to know if:

  • You have had alcohol unfairly confiscated;
  • You have been prevented from taking photographs in a public space;
  • Vetting is causing problems for your local community groups;
  • Visa regulations are making it difficult for you to invite international visitors to the UK;
  • You know of a film, book, picture or poem that has been banned;
  • …or if in any other way your everyday freedoms are being cramped by some state regulation.

Campaign Against Photo-Bans

Campaign Against Vetting

  • Sign the Manifesto Club Petition Against the Vetting Database – a new petition, just launched, which follows on from the Manifesto Club’s 2006 petition against the expansion of vetting for adults who work/volunteer with children.
  • Email us your examples on the impact of vetting on social life – including on local community groups, volunteer activities, or adult child relations.

Campaign for Free Artistic Expression

  • A handful of outraged journalists sparked the removal of a Richard Prince photograph from the flagship Tate Modern exhibition Pop Life. Read the Testimony from a Tate Worker. Currently, the Tate is considering whether to pulp 12,000 exhibition catalogues, at a loss of over £300,000. Tell the Tate what you think by emailing visiting.modern@tate.org.uk
  • Sign our petition against the banning of Carol Ann Duffy’s poem, ‘Education for Leisure’.

Campaign Against Booze Bans
New alcohol confiscation powers give police right to take alcohol off you in a park or square, at any time, for any reason.

Campaign Against Points-based Visa System
The new points-based Visa system means that many visiting artists and academics are unable to visit the UK.

  • Sign the petition. The Manifesto Club is aiming for 10,000 signatures, before we present this petition to parliament. Sign and send around to everyone you know: we’re nearly there.
  • Write to your MP. MPs do pay attention to constituents’ mail, so writing a letter is a good way to raise our issue’s political profile. Your message will be faxed or emailed directly to your local MP.

Campaign Against CCTV
See our submission to an Anti-CCTV Strategy.

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