Brighton and Hove council responds to Manifesto Club petition against leafleting bans

Here is Brighton and Hove council’s woeful response to our Petition Against the Brighton leafleting ban. The requirement that people pay the council before leafleting, apparently, is not a ban but ‘allows flyering in a controlled way’.

At the same time – the crackdown on leafleteers is continuing, with at least 4 people given on the spot fines at the weekend for the crime of ‘unlicensed leafleting’. Message to Brighton and Hove council: this debate is to be continued…

‘Thank you for your petition, which was presented to Full Council on 15 December 2011 and which I formally note here.

Issuing leaflets in the city is not banned. The free distribution of printed matter is a popular form of advertising for some organisations in the city but it does contribute to littering, particularly in the centre and has a detrimental impact on the appearance of the city.

It is recognised that Flyering is a popular way of advertising particularly and the licensing scheme does not seek to ban the handing out of leaflets. Instead the licensing is designed to allow flyering but in a controlled way with the sole purpose to prevent the litter. The charges levied pay for the costs of operating the scheme. Charities, political and religious organisations are exempt from payment but are expected to comply with the conditions.

The licensing of those people who want to hand out printed material was agreed by the Environment Committee in January 2007 after a consultation period during which the proposals were sent out to organisations affected by the scheme including city night clubs and the business community.

Since introducing the scheme, there has been less litter from flyering and this is important for a city economy which relies on tourism and visitors

There have been significant issues arising from this matter in the past five years and I will be asking officers to look into the matter.’

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