Campaign Against the Booze Bans

Booze_ban_logo_02 Mayor of London Boris Johnson has claimed the banning of alcohol on the London Tube as one of the great successes of his first 100 days in office. But it isn’t just Boris – and it isn’t just London. There has been a creeping introduction of alcohol bans in public spaces all around the UK – and throughout many other countries, from town centres in the Czech Republic, to beaches in New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

We believe public space should be exactly that – a place where we can come together as a public – to argue and campaign, to pursue our common goals, to chat with friends and socialise. It is a space in which we, the public, should set the rules.

Response to ‘Rebalancing the Licensing Act’
The government’s proposed reforms to the Licensing Act represent a worrying increase in Licensing Authorities’ powers to regulate and shut down licensed premises.

Far from ‘empowering communities’ – as claimed – these proposed changes would increase the power of local councils and the police, who will be removed from necessary checks and balances.

The Manifesto Club’s response to the consultation illustrates the problems with these proposals, for civic life and civil liberties.

  • Read our full response here.


    With the coalition government planning tougher penalties for under-age serving, our new report finds that ‘Think 25’ policies are already penalising thousands of innocent adults.

    28 ¾: How Constant Age Checks Are Infantilising Adults, by Dolan Cummings, finds that adults in their late 20s and 30s are being hassled by constant ID checks – and that the new rules will make this problem worse. The report is based on our survey of people’s ID check experiences, and argues for the abolition of ‘Think 25’ policies and other over-cautious age-check rules.

    While we’re in Birmingham, we will challenge Birmingham City Council’s proposal to make the entire city centre a No Alcohol Zone. From Sunday 28 until Tuesday 30 September we will be taking a petition to the people of Birmingham in opposition to the planned regulations, which we will then deliver to the city council. If you have any free time – an afternoon, or even an hour – and would like to help, please drop us an email.


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