Case study 24: Man given CPN for banging on window of car about to hit him

(Statement from CPN recipient). ‘I am an upstanding citizen of 75 years of age who has served on the local Worcester Universities Community Forum for 11 years. I am the victim of continual provocation and false allegations by neighbours, the one in particular being a police officer, who uses his long status as a police officer to remain untouchable.

The neighbours constantly lie about and misrepresent my actions. For example, on one occasion, the neighbour was reversing out of her driveway without looking, and nearly ran over and injured me. It happened so quickly; I reacted by banging on her window. This act of banging on her window was taken as justification for issuing a CPN against me. On the day, I submitted a police report of the actual truth of this incident which should be logged on the Police National Computer, but it was not taken into account.

After the CPN was issued, I was due to attend hospital for an operation for a suspected terminal illness. I therefore did not appeal the CPN within the 21 day window. As a result, I was denied permission to make an appeal after the 21 day window.

I proceeded to provide the issuing police officer with representations, showing that the allegation on the CPN was a false allegation and obscured the truth of the incident. This police officer is doing her utmost to evade my questions. I have recently forwarded a Subject Access Request to the police that should identify that the police has my report on the Police National Computer.

Contrary to the false claims on the CPN document, I have never threatened or sworn at anyone, and no evidence of such conduct exists. Nowadays the extremely low threshold relied on for allegations of threatening behaviour indulges many false accounts, especially from those with powerful connections.

My neighbour is a now retired ex police officer but he continues to work for a private company as a Police Liaison officer, and so remains in direct contact with his old colleagues and contacts.

My effort to gain the withdrawal of the CPN against me will continue. The extremely poor history of success raising complaints against the police is no reason to surrender. My case illustrates the refusal of the police to engage and provide fair justice – when evidence is made available on their systems to discredit accusers it conveniently disappears from their records.’