Checkmate public meeting: Transcripts and videos now available

Checkmate logoCheckmate: Has vetting gone too far?

Soon it will be a crime for a non-CRB-checked father to help out at his son’s football team. Already, criminal records vetting is putting adults off volunteering; some long-time cricket coaches and choir leaders have resigned in protest. Are paedophile panics doing more harm than good? How does mass vetting affect the relationship between adults and children? Are there better ways to ensure children’s welfare?

This evening event was a space for honest discussion about child protection measures – and to consider ways forward. It took place at The Spitz, Old Spitalfields Market, London; on the evening of Thursday 26 July 2007. The conversation continued afterwards, over a glass of wine in The Spitz bar.

See transcripts of speeches below:

Josie Appleton (convenor, Manifesto Club)

Mervyn Barrett (communications manager, Nacro)

Viv Regan (youth worker and volunteer, WORLDwrite)

Tony Jeffs (University of Durham, community youth work unit) – no transcript available, but see a collection of his writings on the Infed site

Video (four parts):

See the poster for the meeting.

This event was part of the Manifesto Club’s Campaign Against Vetting. The Case Against Vetting logo