CPW for allowing leaves to drift on to neighbour’s drive

I was given a Community Protection Warning by Nottinghamshire Police for allegedly allowing garden materials onto a neighbouring drive. I was told that this concerned materials such as a bark chippings (which I use as mulch), and leaves. I am very have upset by their action as I had made every reasonable attempt to contain the material, building walls and barriers.

The same neighbour reported me to the police on another occasion for my Christmas decorations.

In response to directives in the CPW I have ripped up part of my garden, and erected netting to catch the leaves and bark that Nottingham Constabulary have ordered me to control. I find this unreasonable as I live in a wooded area – am I responsible for all the leaves that may drift across onto the adjacent land? The wind, birds and squirrels can cause drift too – am I responsible for them? I suggested when the police issued my CPW that they give the same orders to the local squirrels and birds.

It is very worrying that householders can be fined and controlled by the state in this way. Where are my rights to have my garden the way I want? Is it truly detrimental to the community, or just an everyday occurrence acted upon by officers who believe that I am responsible. I was not given any opportunity to question the CPW before its issue. If this is progressed, I could be given a large fine of several hundred pounds in court, and criminalised.

I am also inconvenienced by not being able to freely park in front of my house, as the CPW requires me to park on my drive. This wording is the result of further allegations regarding my parking from the same complainant.

It is claimed that these orders are issued to prevent further incidents. I feel this is a flawed argument – are the police going to ban everything they consider is annoying to some people?

I would like to see a better use of police time and resources in preventing serious crime. We have had a murder in the local area. I have reported hate crime, and I feel that little was done about this, while the police have been concerned with petty issues such as leaves on a drive.