Criminalising Football Fans – The Case Against ‘Bubble’ Matches

the case against bubble matches imageAt ‘Bubble’ football matches, away fans are banned from all independent travel. Travelling fans are transported on licensed coaches and under police escort, from a designated pick-up point to a designated drop-off point. Fans often must pick up their tickets on route, such as at motorway service stations. Their freedom of movement is suspended.

The next ‘bubble’ restrictions will be imposed on Portsmouth supporters travelling to Southampton for the local derby on Saturday 7 April 2012.

This Manifesto Club report, Criminalising Football Fans, by Peter Lloyd, documents 48 of these ‘bubble’ matches. The report argues that such draconian travel restrictions punish the innocent majority of fans, rather than the minority intent on trouble making. These restrictions are grossly disproportionate to the actual threats, and their use should be reviewed.

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