Join the Manifesto Club

There are several options for paying membership:
1. Standing Order
2. PayPal Monthly (with a debit or credit card)
3. PayPal Annual
4. Cheque

Membership starts at £5 a month. Many members give more – and if you can, this will go a long way to helping us challenge the erosion of freedom in everyday life.

We are funded by freedom-supporting members of the public. We travel light, we do everything at cut cost, we have few overheads – all donations go to making an impact in campaigns on the ground.

[If you have any problems with your payment going through, please email us here.]


If you have a UK bank account, you can join by standing order. If you would like to join by standing order, send us an email; we will send you a standing order form which you can hand in at your bank, or use to set up a standing order with online banking.

To pay monthly by PayPal’s secure online donation system, simply click on one of the links below. You will receive an email from PayPal once the payment has gone through.

£5 a month

£10 a month

£20 a month

£30 a month

£40 a month

£50 a month


Also, see annual membership by PayPal, if you would rather subscribe for a whole year.


There are two steps to paying by cheque.

1. Make the cheque out to ‘Manifesto Club’, and post it to Manifesto Club ltd, 7-14 Great Dover St, London SE1 4YR, United Kingdom, including your name and contact telephone no.

2. Send us an email, to let us know that you are paying by cheque.