North Wales campaigners save dog walker from malicious fine

The group North Wales Axed Kingdom Security has helped a dog walker wrongly fined for having her dog off lead on a beach.

The fine was issued recently, but it concerns an incident that occurred more than two years ago. The lady described what happened:

It was December 2019 and I was on the grass by the theatre in Rhyl. My dog’s ball rolled from the grass across the path and onto the beach. I was on my way to get it then go back on to the grass. My dog was off lead but not out of control, she just wanted her ball. I was approached by an enforcement officer who said he’d been watching me and saw I had picked up and binned her poo. But he said he was going to fine me for having my dog off the lead. I had the plastic ball thrower stick in my hand and he could see where I was going for the ball. He was very arrogant. It was just before Christmas and as he handed me the FPN, he smiled and said ‘Happy Christmas’. I argued my case, and assumed that they had dropped the matter. Then two years later they sent a demand for payment.

Luckily, the campaigners gave the lady advice and contacted her council. The demand was dropped, and she was promised an apology.

But the group noted the extreme irregularity of the way in which the fine was issued – not only two years late but also without any identifying information.

There is NO mention of District Enforcement on the demand for payment. There is NO phone number to call anyone. There is NO email to contact anyone. She could have very easily paid this fine.

The group says that councils that employ private enforcement companies are ‘robbing citizens’, and they should stop.