Parking fine whilst giving blood

I just received this email from a lady whose husband was fined whilst giving blood. This was the first day of the introduction of parking fines on a Sunday, and he unknowingly fell foul of the rules while doing his good deed.

“I was shocked that Derby City Council wouldn’t cancel my husband’s parking fine while he was in a centre donating blood. Even though the National Blood Service issued me with written proof to send to the council they wouldn’t refund the penalty. It was on the first day that parking fees were introduced on a Sunday. My husband has always parked there when giving blood on a Sunday. In effect he had to pay to give blood when he’s already ‘paying’ healthwise to do this and giving up his time and petrol money.”

Parking fines were the first to be farmed out on a commission basis to private companies – and this kind of incident is the consequence. When there is a financial incentive to punish, there can be no flexibility or benefit of the doubt. If they can fine you, they will. This pecuniary behaviour by public authorities contrasts with the public spirit of the gentleman fined in this case.