Pavement Injustice – Campaign Against On-the-Spot Fines

pavement injustice Over the past 10 years, public spaces have become increasingly policed by unaccountable officials bearing open-ended powers.

On-the-spot fines mean that police and other officials can punish people for a series of offences ‘on-the-spot’, without legal checks and balances. Criminal offences that would have been tried in court are now often dealt with like a parking ticket.

On-the-spot fines have been running at around 200,000 a year since they were introduced in 2004. Now ‘out of court’ punishments make up nearly half of all offences ‘brought to justice’.

The result has been arbitrary punishments for perfectly innocent activities. A woman was fined for feeding the ducks (‘littering’), as was a man who dropped a £10 note. One Women’s Institute group received threats of fines for putting up a poster (‘fly posting’), and handing out leaflets (‘unlicensed leafleting’), while others have been fined for putting up lost cat posters. A number of political protesters were issued with penalty notices for ‘harassment’, including an anti-CCTV campaigner who handed out leaflets to his neighbours.

A new Manifesto Club campaign against ‘pavement injustice’ will take on unaccountable officials in public spaces – investigating how powers are being used, and calling for their review and limitation. We want to defend the principle that justice is done properly in the courtroom, rather than on-the-spot by a badged busybody. And that law-abiding citizens should be able to use public spaces freely, without risking censure for feeding the ducks.


  • Report an unjust on-the-spot fine: If you have received an unjust on-the-spot fine, please do contact us. Manifesto Club legal advisers can advise you on challenging the fine, and we can publicise cases or include them in our research.
  • Report an official: If you are stopped in public and fined, ask the official who they are, and email us about the incident. We can help make these officials accountable.
  • Keep in touch with the campaign: Sign up for regular campaign updates; follow us on Facebook or Twitter.


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    Here are a selection of cases we are taking up of clear ‘pavement injustice’:

  • Tracey John, Rhondda Cynon Taf – fined for dropping a cigarette butt on her own property, which she then picked up. See local news coverage of her case. See our letter to Rhondda Cynon Taf council.
  • Cherie Morgan, Blaenau Gwent – Dog owner fined for walking dog in park, where they had been walking for 30 years. See the local news coverage of this case. See our letter to the council.
  • Stephen Bennett, Sutton – Dog owner wrongfully fined for dog fouling. See the local press coverage. See our letter to the council.
  • We have challenged the regulation of photography in the City of London – and gained City authority guidelines advising private security guards to not stop photographers

    Other cases on the Freedom Hotline blog: 1000 people fined for dropping cigarette butts in Exeter; Political leafleteers asked for leafleting licences in London; Islington council warns people not to attach notices to trees – in a notice attached to a tree; Political leafleteers stopped from leafleting in Oxford; Testing the right to photograph in public.


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