PSPOs: Latest news

Here is the latest news on the implementation and enforcement of PSPOs. This shows that councils are continuing to pass and enforce unreasonable PSPOs, in spite of the new Statutory Guidance.


Runnymede Borough Council plans to ban standing in groups that causes ‘annoyance’, and face coverings ‘in an attempt to conceal identity’. You can respond to the consultation here.

Ealing Council is seeking to ban anti-abortion protests outside an abortion clinic. The consultation starts here at the end of January

Elmbridge Borough Council has banned ‘rowdy and inconsiderate behaviour’. See a news story here.

A man in Retford was convicted and fined for ‘shouting and swearing’, against the terms of a PSPO.

Wellingborough Council is planning to ban begging.

Cyclists in Peterborough were fined £430 each for breaking a no-cycling PSPO.