Sportsday Against Vetting: testimonies

This sports day will be an informal gathering of parents, adult volunteers and children in a suburban London park. It is also – unfortunately – an act of defiance against the growing mound of rules and regulations that threaten such ordinary events. The sports day is in celebration of spontaneous volunteering – and against all the checks, codes and licences that are now required for anyone who wants to help out with children in their area. Such everyday gatherings in local parks are key to children’s development and to community life. In particular, at the Manifesto Club we oppose the government’s upcoming vetting law, which means that any adult who ran a community event for children more than once a month would have to be CRB checked, or face a criminal record and £5000 fine. That is why it is very important that we say, for this sportsday, there are No CRB checks required! Josie Appleton, convenor, Manifesto Club