SURVEY: Border officials on campus

Deported stamps image The Points-Based Immigration System (PBIS) requires arts and academic institutions to monitor international visitors throughout the duration of their stay. UKBA officials have carried out raids and spot-checks on campuses, and checked up on artists to ensure they are not making art while in the UK.

Many universities now ask all lecturers and external examiners for their passports. In order to be a ‘licensed sponsor’, cultural organisations must agree a ‘compliance agreement’ with the UKBA, which can mean interference into the personnel and programming work of the arts organisation.

We want to gather accounts of this monitoring, and find out how it is affecting the life of arts and academic organisations. How does the PBIS affect academic and artistic freedom, and the relationship between the arts organisation and their visitors?

If you have any cases of monitoring to report, please report them here, or email us.