The day your CRB check expires – do you become an instant risk?

I just received this from a university tutor, a case that ‘shows up the absurdity of the CRB system’.

‘Student out on placement, all going ok, manager finds out CRB check due to expire soon. If not resolved student’s placement will terminate then despite all being happy with her performance to date. So on one day she is fine to be out alone with ‘vulnerable’ people, the next day she is deemed so risky that she cannot even enter the workplace! What nonsense.’

Well said. It is strange how the day somebody’s CRB check expires, all hell breaks loose and everybody panics that they are suddenly the most terrible threat.

They are the same person, but the paperwork has expired so they become de facto dangerous.

Yet a person with an up to date CRB could be getting up to all kinds of things.

We invest too much in paperwork, and not enough in trust and common sense.