Criminal Records Bureau errors and inaccuracies

This email from John Kirkby shows the murky dealings with the Criminal Records Bureau bureaucracy…

‘Last year, the London borough of Kensington & Chelsea discovered a “problem” with my CRB disclosure evidence. Around the same time my credit card had been fraudulently used and I’ve always assumed there was some connection between the two events. On contacting the CRB department, my enquiries were set aside by claims that my questions could not be answered for data protection reasons…in the meantime the police had contacted me requesting fingerprints & photos.

’The long & short of the matter was that my “problem case” was shelved because the CRB office “didn’t have time to deal with the problem”! I heard no more from either “authority”. Was I a potential problem or is the whole system a farce? Surely problem cases are those that should be dealt with immediately if the bureaucracy is to be of any use at all.’