Flying clubs don’t take off

I just received this email from a model flying enthusiast, showing how the vetting database is dissuading people from forming new clubs: ‘A local model flying club, due to reasons of its own lacklustre, has declined in membership to the point where it can no longer afford to pay the rent on both of its two flying fields. Accordingly it seems as if it will give up one of it’s fields come the years end. I and a few others were asked if we would be prepared to establish a new club at the field when it becomes vacant. Following discussions we decided not to proceed but to monitor the situation instead. One of the reasons for the lack of enthusiasm, and there were other reasons, was all the palava of compliance with the vulnerables legislation, appointing a welfare officer, getting people checked by the safeguarding authority, etc – Or else entering into arguments as to why the club must be an adults only club to which members cannot bring under 18s.’